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  We promise accurate honest results and insightful recommendations.

For more than 20 years, Insights Worldwide Research has been providing our clients with accurate, honest results to their marketing questions. With the changing technology of today, companies can easily access thousands of respondents with the push of a button, and in minutes there is data. At Insights Worldwide Research, our goal is to ensure that the data received by our clients accurately fits the objectives of the research, and is designed to provide actionable results. In order to do this, we custom design each project focusing on the desired action agenda. Often times this includes a unique methodology, custom questionnaires, discussion guides, and recruiting screeners. We stretch beyond the standard market research process to uniquely meet the needs of our clients. When we receive the data, we thoroughly analyze the data. This may include perceptual maps, focus group transcriptions, and complex statistical analysis. Once the data has been analyzed, our job continues by consulting with our clients on the best way to use the data. Because our experience covers a broad base of categories and industries, we are able to draw on insights from other areas that may include a unique perspective.
  Accurate Honest Results
Business Success. Our loyal following of national and international clients often sight our success with their most challenging projects. The breadth of our client roster demonstrates our flexibility to quickly understand your unique challenges.
We offer a breadth of methodologies to meet the needs of our clients. . During the design process of a new project, we consider a variety of methodologies based on the action items established by our clients. Because we have developed long-term relationships with a wide variety of vendors, we are able to successfully create a methodology for our clients without taking into consideration an internal cost center responsible for collecting the data. Our methodologies include online and telephone surveys, in-person interviews, in-person and virtual focus groups, shadowing, and customer intercepts.
Insights Worldwide Research never uses professional respondents.. All Insights Worldwide Researches focus group participants are recruited from exclusive lists not databases. While this process takes more time, our experience has proven a better outcome for our clients. Respondents have no vested interest in ensuring future participation, and we are assured of an accurate screening process that includes individuals unfamiliar with the focus group experience.

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