IWR Group, Inc.

IWR Group,Inc. provides qualitative and quantitative research services that help our clients discover the truth; be it among consumers, decision makers, or potential jurors.

Using advanced skills in social science research techniques, our team creates and analyzes quantitative data to assess how factors such as age, sex and income affects opinions and perceptions. Discovery continues with using qualitative methodologies including focus groups, triads, one-one interviews, and written surveys.

Our consulting services include the following:

Market Strategy:               Consumer, B2B, Loyalty, Segmentation, Communication

Product Development:      New product design, Competitive advantage, Competitive analysis

Product Marketing:           Strategic planning, Advertising research, On-going satisfaction

Brand Development:         B2B, Consumer, Non-profit, New and mature brands

Jury Consultancy:          Mock trials, Witness preparation, Jury selection

All services include presentation of findings in a concise and impactful manner designed for each audience.

Some of our satisfied clients include the following: